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Cornerstone Bread Co. has been serving Indiana and the mid-west's best chefs for over a decade.   Our founder, Cindy Helmling, had a vision to share her passion for the art of old world baking, and her fascination with the world-wide cultural and historical aspects tied to bread. 


In recent years, Cindy has had the privilege of mentoring many local women in business and bread.  That led to many oppurtunities for Cornerstone Bread Co. to positively impact our community and take action.  We work directly with and donate to non-profit groups often focused on helping local women, minority, homeless and LGBTQIA+ persons.  We've also been able to support and source from other local and small business Hoosiers.  


With a focus on all-natural, fluffy and delicious bread, we've been able to bring the love of loaf and traditions to dozens of local and regional restaurants in the midwest.  We'd love to be on your table next.  

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